About Us

Elecster is the leading company in the world as a system supplier for UHT lines, Pouch Filling Machines and ecological Pouch Packaging Materials. Elecster headquarters are located in Europe. Dairy machinery production is taking place in Finland and meets the highest quality and safety requirements (CE). Elecster has packaging material factories in Finland, China, Russia and Kenya fulfilling unique customer requirements.

The company has developed the packaging machines and packaging materials side by side. With over 50 years’ experience in engineering and manufacturing of dairy machinery and packaging material it has developed the superior know-how of compatibility required for milk pouch technology and specialized to serve dairies in developing markets worldwide.

In the coming years, the world’s food processing industry will face new challenges. Food is required to be produced more competitively, considering environmental aspects. With the prevailing tendency towards urbanization, the food production and consuming areas will be differentiated.This trend is likely to drive an increased reliance on processing and packaging of food products, a crucial measure to ensure their preservation and integrity during transportation.


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